[SOLVED ]FreePBX hacked?

My provider claims he received a lot of calls to exotic destinations (Burundi) from a trunk registered by my FreePBX.
Me I don’t see in cdr any of these calls: where can I check if effectively unauthorized calls have done by some hacker from my Freepbx?

Pls, help…


Check below two discussions on this forum, might be helpful:

Hacker makes international calls through my FreePBX IVR
Is someone hacking me? - SOLVED

I have already read that topics: in both cases people was able to see tha unauthorized calls in their cdr, but not me.

Me i don’t see any call to Burundi in cdr, so i am asking if i can find any trace anywhere in asterisk log files and what have I to look for.

If somebody could put me on the right way…

I hope you had tried to apply fixes discussed in these topics.

could you tell me wich asterisk logfile have I to parse and looking for what?

that was the issue

Did you port forward anything to your freepbx?
If someone has access to the cli he can initiate calls that cannot be visible in the cdr.