SOLVED: Freepbx 12: there was an error configuring your network device

I have centos 6 and virtualbox 5.1 running on a hp laptop and i’m trying to install the freepbx-12 distro as a virtual guest machine but the install keeps failing with 'There was an error configuring your network device."
I’ve tried both dhcp and manual ip settings but it doesn’t work.
The nic in the hp laptop is Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8100/8101L/8139. Is freepbx-12 incompatible with this nic? I know one can configure virtualbox to make the guest machine think it has a different type of nic, is there one that will work with freepbx-12?

bump, anybody?

Log into the console as ‘root’ and do an “ifconfig -a”. That will tell you the state of the Ethernet interface. If it isn’t listed, it isn’t supported “out of the box”. If there is an issue, you can probably find a driver for it to get it working. The RTL8100 is a very old card, and I seem to recall it was removed from some of the recent CentOS 6 kernels. I recall a discussion of this from about six months ago - IIRC, the solution was downloading a new driver.

Note that installing it is outside the scope of FreePBX. This is a straight-up network/server/Unix problem.

I can’t log into the freepbx console because I can’t install it in the first place, the install process stops with 'There was an error configuring your network device". I’m lost as to how I’d download a later driver for the nic and besides, the nic works fine in the host centos 6 system.

solved: I was trying to install the freepbx distro under virtualbox-5.1, I removed 5.1 from the host and installed virtualbox-4.3 and the freepbx-distro guest is now installing. There must be some kind of bug with the freepbx-distro to make it incompatibe with virtualbox-5.1