{SOLVED} DTMF tones not recognized

So…, I have spent many hours scouring the forums, and googling to find a solution to the inconsistent results on my server with the IVR not recognizing DTMF tones. I finally resolved this with the help of friend of mine whose system appeared to be working. After many hours of troubleshooting and comparing systems, we found the culprit. In the CID Lookup Source section of my inbound routes, I had source set to OpenCNAME. When I set this to None, everything worked as expected.

I hope this helps someone.

That is a fluke. Can’t possibly have anything to do with DTMF processing, not even in the signal path.

While I cannot argue that it makes no sense, I can confirm that for me it worked. To confirm this, I went back into my routes and enabled OpenCNAME again, and once again my DTMF failed. Remove OpenCNAME again and bibbidi bobbidi boo, DTMF works.

I cannot explain why, I can only share my experience in hopes that it helps someone else. One man’s fluke is another man’s treasure…

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