[SOLVED] Customize what happens after a caller leaves a voicemail

Hi All,
I’ve searched on this topic, but there does not seem to be any answer. Here’s what I’m trying to do …

Caller gets routed to extension

  1. Extension rings
  2. No answer/busy/etc.
  3. Goes to voicemail
  4. Caller leaves voicemail
  5. After voicemail, silence or #
  6. Here’s where I need help …

I want to play a “Thanks for calling” message and then hang up.

I can’t see any options to do that. I considered using review= yes, but then there are no options to say thanks (at least I can’t find any).

I’m thinking that I’m not the only one who wants something like this. Can someone advise what the correct way of doing what I want is?

Thanks in advance.

If you are not getting instructions after the recording then check the voicemail settings to make sure that is on.

Thanks for the prompt reply @BlazeStudios
My issue isn’t that I don’t get the instructions. My issue is about customizing the instructions.
Ideally, instead of getting the instructions, I would prefer to have a System Recording to be played that says something like “Thanks for calling. Goodbye”.


So you want it to play a standard voicemail greeting, then have the caller record a voicemail, then when they’re done recording the voicemail have it play the message “Thanks for calling. Goodbye.” ?


What happens now when you press #?

When? If you mean when you press # after you leave a message, it can go either into the review message queue, or it says Thank you … good bye , or something like that. But I don’t want that message. I want my own message.

Perhaps I confused everyone with my example. Let me clarify, after a caller leaves a message, and there is the obligatory 10 sec delay or the # is pressed, I want my own customized message … e.g. “Thank you for leaving us a message. Our company appreciates your feedback. Good bye”


The voicemail app lets you set custom sounds for a limited set of recordings. That said, basically anything in the sounds directory that starts with vm- is a voicemail sound. You could review the logs to see exactly which of those are played back at the end. Generally vm-goodbye is played. You could just replace the existing sound files.

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Thank you. That’s exactly the thing I’m looking for. I appreciate your help!

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