SOLVED Cisco Linksys SPA3102 SPA-3102 Issue with FreePBX 12 Asterisk 13

**I am submitting this to the community because it was driving me nuts. Here is my original issue:

Installed AsteriskNOW Distro (FreePBX and Asterisk Asterisk 13.2.0)

Got my extensions to work properly with PJSIP (using Grandstream phones), but I could not get a Linksys (Cisco) SPA 3102 to work properly. I could not for the life of me get it to register on with chan_sip.

The fix was to not only have the port (5061) set properly on the PTSN Line tab (on the SPA) under SIP settings, but you also need to append it to the Proxy line under Proxy and Registration on the same tab.

So instead of the proxy being just, I added in on that line and it registered immediately.

Hopefully this helps someone else save some time.

The port setting that you see in that page in referring to the port that spa3102 listens to and not the port that the server receives. If you are using a different port from the default then you should always add your port number after the server ip.