[SOLVED] CID Superfecta - UKPhoneInfo UK not working

Hi, I’m currently testing my new FreePBX install and I trying to get the UKPhoneInfo datasource to work.
On debug and live incomming calls there is no lookup. however if I manually enter the following in a browser,


I do get a result. So this suggests to me that this datasource isn’t working in CID Superfecta anyone know how to get this working?

This source was very recently discussed on the dev site here:

If that link gets it working, great, otherwise please add to that ticket and I will look into it.

Brilliant, that worked. Many thanks.

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I spoke to soon. Since I updated this module my system is now failing to load. I notice the step > “chown to asterisk:asterisk” not sure what is meant by this. I have entered:

amportal chown

but this hasn’t helped, I cant boot my system now anyone know how I get by system back up and running!

Unless you did something weird, you need only locate and delete this file:


Looks like my Hard disk was trashed, not booting at all so I’m reinstalling from scratch. I’ts a small test system so wont take long to reconfigure. Can you explain the “chown to asterisk:asterisk” step please so I know what to do when I get back up and running?

step by step CLI commands added to link above.

Many thanks for this.

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Just for the OP culture
chown, chgrp and chmod are direct linux shell commands used to

chown = change ownership of a given file, used with asterisk:asterisk it changes both user and group ownership.

chgrp = change group, same as above but for group only…

chmod = change mode is used to change rights and has many parameters that are a bit too long/complex to enumerate here, I will go with the simplest:

chmod +r gives read right to everyone
chmod +w gives write right to everyone
chmod +x gives execution rights to everyone