*SOLVED* CID on calls from/to "mobile extension"


I have a cellphone set up as a custom extension on my system. it has extension 7511. When calling from the cell I prefix my call with 9 to go through the PBX. If I don’t prefix a 9 the call proceeds like a normal cellphone call. If the call is perfixed with 9 and goes through my PBX to an external caller all is well, the PBXs CID is shown to the called party. But when I call an extension in my PBX the cellphones CID is displayed :(.

I use a DISA set up on a DID to recognize my cells CID to verify me, get a dialtone and make the call. I use a WM 6 phone with Magicall that does recognize my 9 as a prefix, then dials to my PBX, pausing 1 sec and proceeds with dialling whatever follow the initial 9. This works like a charm except from CID on calls to internal extensions. Is there a way to make this work?

I tried using CID num alias but that doesn’t work.


I set CID on the DISA to my extension. adding a DISA per user for mobile extensions solves it. outbound calls are presented as they should on outbound trunks. And now internal calls are presented correctly too…