[solved] CID Name Prefix disappears when clicking submit changes

Hi there!

I recently installed FreePBX with Follow Me and noticed this strange behaviour:

when I add a follow-me and inside the follow me add a CID Name Prefix, this Prefix disappears when I click “Submit Changes” when I reload the settings they’re applied to the phone system and work fine.
However, when I change something in this follow me config, the missing CID Name Prefix in the checkbox will be written to the database next time I save.

this does not happen on a Follow Me Module installed on another machine and due this is a production system, I’m scared to update any modules…

Any ideas?

Thank you

Alain Pfaeffli

2nd level support selphone

tested on 2.6 - works fine

I don’t have a system setup with 2.5 to see what is going on there. I just tested this on an up-to-date 2.6 version of Follow-Me and there is no issue.

Are you technical enough to compare 2.5 vs. 2.6 versions of Follow-me to see how they may differ? That may help resolve.

This is the only difference between and 2.6:

--- functions.inc.php   2008-11-08 19:24:14.000000000 +0100
+++ /usr/src/freepbx-mod-2.6/findmefollow/functions.inc.php     2009-08-24 06:46:26.000000000 +0200
@@ -315,6 +315,18 @@
                // If the values are different then use what is in astdb as it may have been changed.
+    if (!isset($results['pre_ring'])) {
+      $results['pre_ring'] = '';
+    }
+    if (!isset($results['grptime'])) {
+      $results['grptime'] = '';
+    }
+    if (!isset($results['grplist'])) {
+      $results['grplist'] = '';
+    }
+    if (!isset($results['needsconf'])) {
+      $results['needsconf'] = '';
+    }
                if (($astdb_prering != $results['pre_ring']) && ($astdb_prering >= 0)) {
                        $results['pre_ring'] = $astdb_prering;
@@ -467,7 +479,11 @@
                $ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_setvar('STATE', 'NOT_INUSE'));
                $ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_gosub('1', 'sstate', $id));
-       $ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_playback('followme&de-activated'));
+       if ($amp_conf['FCBEEPONLY']) {
+               $ext->add($id, $c, 'hook_off', new ext_playback('beep')); // $cmd,n,Playback(...)
+       } else {
+               $ext->add($id, $c, 'hook_off', new ext_playback('followme&de-activated'));
+       }
        $ext->add($id, $c, 'end', new ext_macro('hangupcall'));

        $ext->add($id, $c, 'activate', new ext_setvar('DB(AMPUSER/${AMPUSER}/followme/ddial)', 'DIRECT'));
@@ -475,7 +491,11 @@
                $ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_setvar('STATE', 'INUSE'));
                $ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_gosub('1', 'sstate', $id));
-       $ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_playback('followme&activated'));
+       if ($amp_conf['FCBEEPONLY']) {
+               $ext->add($id, $c, 'hook_on', new ext_playback('beep')); // $cmd,n,Playback(...)
+       } else {
+               $ext->add($id, $c, 'hook_on', new ext_playback('followme&activated'));
+       }
        $ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_macro('hangupcall'));

        if ($amp_conf['USEDEVSTATE']) {

nothing between those would result in the reported issue occurring (or going away)?

Well, I just fired up my system with Follow Me, clicked on Follow Me, clicked on one of my extensions, entered the text “Test” in the CID Name Prefix:, clicked Submit Changes, Apply Configuration Changes, clicked on another extension, then back to the first, the text “Test” was still there.

If you don’t have many Follow Me set up I would suggest that you uninstall the module then install it again.

thanks for all your help, I first reinstalled the module since it’s on a test system. then entered a CID Prefix “test” and it disappeared again…
my problem was that I also included the quotes - and seems that either firefox or the module does not like them :slight_smile:

so the problem was between my chair and my keyboard…