[SOLVED] CID Name not Transmitted to Called Party

I am experiencing a problem with the Caller ID name transmitted to the called party on internal calls with Asterisk13/Freepbx13. All modules have been updated and the system is at the very lates RC release.

I have tested with Cisco SPA2102, Polycom 330, Grandstream GXP1450 and Zoiper Android sip client.

With the SPA2102 the CID name set in the CID Name field of the extension setup on Freepbx was not transmitted to the called party. The CID name was transmitted as the extension number. I found that entering the CID Name in the Display Name Field of the ATA caused the name entered there to be transmitted to the called party.

With the Polycom330 and Grandstream GXP1450 the CID name set up in Freepbx was not transmitted. The CID name transmitted was the word “device”. Entering the CID name in the Display Name fields of the Polycom and Grandstream had no effect and CID name transmitted to the called party remained “device”.

With the Zoiper Android client the CID Name entered in Freepbx was transmitted to the called party.

On trunks when the extension route CID is entered the CID is transmitted to the called party called over a trunk per the value set up.

I have tested with both Chan_sip and pjsip extensions and the behavior is the same.

I am wondering if I may have missed something in the setup of the extensions as it seems unlikely at this late stage in the release cycle that this could have gone un-noticed. Would really appreciate some help with getting to the bottom of this.

Is it possible you are affected by the bug discussed here:

There was a fix published to fix it.

Thanks Lome, you are correct, I removed the spaces from the CID name and sure enough the name was transmitted correctly on chan_sip and pjsip extensions.

I am on core 13.0.1RC1.11 and Framework 13.0.1RC1.20.

Could the bug have crept back in?

Current version of Framework is 13.0.1RC1.25. Upgrade and retest.

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How right you are, have upgraded and problem cleared. Thanks for your help.