[SOLVED] CID based inbound route ignored

Hi All,

After using our FreePBX for a while now the CEO requested a feature to directly call into an extension.

After looking in the manual it is said this could be done by making a Inbound Route with a CID of the CEO’s number.

We have one inbound route with DID: Any | CID: Any and Destination: IVR

As stated in the manual I made an new Inbound Route: DID: Any | CID:+32123456789 | Destination: Extension of the Secretary. Furthermore I enabled CID Priority Route. The rest is left at default.

Whenever the call is made the CEO still gets send to the IVR instead of the extension… I tried all different combinations with and without + and landcode but without any luck.

I am running the offical FreePBX distro FreePBX updated to the latest.

If anyone has any pointers how I could send a cell phone number to a specific extension I would be very happy :slight_smile:

Go to Reports -> CDR Reports, click Search, find the entry for the incorrectly routed call. In the Caller ID column, the CEO’s number should appear, usually in angle brackets. For CallerID Number in your Inbound Route, enter exactly what you saw between the brackets.

If no luck, post a log of a failed attempt.

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Also make sure that you have checked “CID priority route” for that one

This worked, thanks :smiley:

Yeah that one was on. It was a - your CID is weird - kinda thing :slight_smile:

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