[SOLVED] Change system wide MOH


I’ve created a new MOH class called ‘moh’. I’ve replaced the created music folder with a symlink that I can point to custom music folders (normal music and christmas music) so that I can easily switch between them. When I change the symlink I do ‘moh reload’ in the console. I have an extension I can call that just plays the ‘moh’ MOH class and this works fine…when I symlink the normal music I hear normal music on that extension and likewise for the christmas music.

When I change the symlink the parking lot music does not change even though it’s set to use that same ‘moh’ MOH class. The only way I’ve found to make the parking lot play the right music is to open the ‘moh’ class in the webpage and resubmit/apply. Is there a way, from the command line, to make the parking lot music update to the newly symlinked music?


It’s working! I deleted my old music class and now the linking is working correctly. Asterisk was somehow stuck on the only class.