SOLVED-Can't get FreePBX 13 to send emails through gmail

I have FreePBX 13 set up. I want to have it use gmail as the outgoing mail server. I had FreePBX 11 running and it was sending out email through the SAME gmail account no problem. Then the hard drive went out, and the backup was not good. So I just set up a fresh version of FreePBX 13.

Using Admin->System Admin->Email, I set up the gmail account with the correct password *(I am sure of it). But it will not email VM’s or faxes. Using Webmin, it does not show any emails stuck in the queue. Also, in the web portal for gmail, it does not show any emails sent (emails before with FreePBX 11 show in the sent messages).

BTW, this is NOT a problem with gmail 2-factor authentication or not allowing insecure programs since, as stated above, it was working with FreePBX 11 before. Also, I am using Google Voice, on the same account that I am trying to send emails out. Again, this all worked with FreePBX 11.

I’ve set up many FreePBX systems but this one has me stuck. Thank you in advance!

  • I did not know what to put in for “My Hostname”, “My Origin”, and “My Domain”. I made up something for these fields because I don’t think gmail uses these.

Does this ticket help

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YES!!! That worked. This is how I solved it:

  • Went to Admin->System Admin->Email
  • Selected OTHER email service
  • Clicked “Use Authentication” and “Use TLS”
  • Submit
  • Apply
  • Select Gmail
  • Submit
  • Apply
    That’s it!
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We have followed the ticket and installed the latest module update from Edge. Gmail setup still doesn’t work. We get a deferred message. Any other updates or pearls of wisdom on how to ge this working with Gmail.