[Solved] Can't get EPM to update VVX Polycom phones or provision new Polycom phones

I have FreePBX 13.0 with EPM Commercial Enabled.
I can’t get EPM to update VVX or IP550 Polycom phones or provision new VVX Polycom phones.
Phones are off-site, so I want to use HTTP which is enabled in System Admin.
So, starting with the POLYCOM IP550 phone:
Port 84 is assigned in system Config as HTTP provisioning
Port 84 is enabled and is open in Firewall (zone = Other). Endpoint IP’s are entered as Trusted Networks.
Re-checked username & password and in EPM
All info is verified in EPM global setings, but in Template, ‘Provision Server Protocol’ is blank (no drop down to select HTTP)

Phone Provisioning settings:
Server type: HTTP
Server address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:84
Matched EPM username & password
DHCP settings:
Boot server: Static
Boot server option: 160
Boot Server Type: IP Address
Option 60 Format: ASCII String
I can use a laptop and navigate to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:84/, log in and read the /tftpboot files
What have I missed?

Also- When I try to save configs in EPM Ext Mapping, I get ‘Undefined index: account

  • Removed EPM entry for this extension & rebuilt - now don’t get error.

I have to change firmware in the phone GUI to get the next reboot to download a new application. Saves application, then says’ cannot download ‘(mymacaddress).cfg’ - I checked again and can read from laptop per above. Do I need to use a certain firmware when factory defaulting the IP550 or VVX300, 400 or 500?

This may be of help

Fixed my Polycom HTTP provisioning issue by putting together tips from a few other ‘fixes’.and some more trial/errors. All phones are external to the PBX. The phones were already working, but no provisioning changes could be made with EPM. .Also, no new phones would provision via HTTP. .First, I updated the firmware on all Polycom phones to the level suggested in the EPM Firmware tables. For the VVX phones, I chose the version 1.11 table and assigned to Slot 1. For the IP550/650 phones, I chose the version 1.10 table and assigned to Slot 2. Then matched the suggested FW version in the tables for each model with the highest version available with matching (or closest to) first 3 digits. i.e., for VVX500, I chose ver for IP550, chose Then went to System Admin & disabled FTP and TFTP, enabled HTTP Only, & assigned strong credentials… Also checked Port assignments in Sys Admin - set HTTP for the default 84, then checked the system firewall to allow port 84 in ‘Other’ setting. (for trusted IP’s) Then tested the server with a PC using Edge (chrome will screw this test up) Addressed the server like this: http://username:[email protected]:84/(MACADDRESS).cfg & was able to see the cfg file in the browser. - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is IP address of the provisioning server. Because my firewall didn’t have the capability, I turned off its DHCP and set up a independent DHCP server (Open DHCP Server) for the LAN so I could set DHCP option 160 for the phones: 160=http://username:[email protected]:84 - Then, I went into EPM’s template manager page (1st page) and removed the old templates & created new ones, then Saved & Rebuilt Configs (no update phones yet). then went to EPM Ext. Mapping & assigned the correct template and re-check the MAC addresses. Then in the phone GUI, factory defaulted the phones and set only the Simple Setup-Time Sync and in the Settings-Provisioning Server, & only a few changes from default - Server type HTTP, left address, user & psw blank. Then in DCHP menu, set Boot Server to Custom and Option to 160… Save. The phones should reboot. If not, do a reboot from the Utilities section in the GUI… My phones rebooted twice automatically and finally came up provisioned correctly. Now I want to try to get HTTPS working.for better security… Thanks to all for your help!

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