[SOLVED] Can't add iCal from Google Calendar 'Curl error 28'

Anybody having issues importing Google Calendar iCal ? I get Curl Error 28 message. Also, why is curl on the FreePBX distro so old?!? v7.29.0 was released in 2013… There have also been some pretty significant CVEs related to curl/libcurl since 2013 too.

It’s not from 2013. Check the rpm package info for the EL version.

Mostly wrong. Yes it’s an older version, but I doubt you’ll find a CVE of any import unpatched in the distro version.

Redhat backports security fixes. Look up the CVE’s [here](https://access.redhat.com/security/security-updates/#/cve(https://access.redhat.com/security/security-updates/#/cve) and see if you can find anything meaningful that isn’t patched.

Also - seems to work OK here, and error 28 is a timeout. Sort of doubt it’s actually a curl issue.

Turned out to be an MTU issue on a routed tunnel to my provider. Disregard.

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