[SOLVED] Can A Call Be Forwarded From An Extension But Still Preserve The Time Conditions Of That Extension?

Hello Everyone,

I setup one extension (we will call it ext: 1007) on Time Conditions to take all incoming calls. If the associate at 1007 needs to leave for a few minutes then he or she will forward calls to another associate’s extension. The Time Conditions are setup so that all incoming calls go to 1007 during business hours or go to our IVR during non-business hours. If no one answers 1007 during business hours then that call is sent to the IVR. Herein lies the problem: if for some reason no one answers the forwarded call from 1007 it will go to the voicemail box of that extension, ignoring 1007’s Time Conditions. This can be odd for a new caller as they bypass our IVR system which is specifically setup for new callers. With that said, is it possible to maintain the Time Conditions associated with 1007 when calls are forwarded from it?

Would enabling the Hook Time Conditions Module under Advanced Settings be a possible solution? I’m too timid to try anything unless I fully understand the outcome, that’s why I’m asking.

Can anyone help me out on this? If I am on my phone, our main incoming number is forwarded to me and I do not answer then it goes straight to my voicemail. However, if the main incoming number is forwarded to me and I’m not on the phone but just choose not to answer then the call will go to IVR as it’s suppose to.

I think you might be able to create a ring group containing the destination phone.
Put the IVR in the “Destination No Answer”.

Transfer the call to the RG…


Even if I put the IVR in the “Destination No Answer” it would still go to the forwardee’s voicemail if they were using the phone correct? Forwarded calls go to the IVR now if there is no answer BUT ONLY if the forwardee is not using the phone. I basically need forwarded calls to follow the forwarder’s Time Conditions.

I think it goes to the IVR if it fails for any reason. Perhaps you should try it and see what happens.


I guess the bottom line is…I’m pretty sure you can do it by using queues, ringroups, etc., and fiddling with the settings to get the desired results. When I get a request like this, I just have to look at the available tools and build different scenarios until I get something that works like I want it to.

Thank you everyone for the help! I just changed the Ring Time for the extension that handles incoming calls to ring twice and then pointed the: No Answer to our Ring Group. I then pointed the Ring Group Destination if no answer to the appropriate Time Condition. This seems to be a quick fix until I can familiarize myself more with Asterisk & FreePBX. Asterisk is a beast but I love it!