[Solved] Call Logging Question for Internal SIP to SIP calls

Hi bods,

I have a question about cdr being kept for internal SIP to SIP Calls.

I am setting up a PBX for a temporary event where there will be approximately 25 IP Phones which will only be able to make internal calls.

My PBX is a FreePBX Build, installed from a FreePBX downloaded ISO, upgraded to FreePBX

I have it set up and everything works, except for the Call logging.

Is there a switch in the SIP config which allows me to log internal SIP to SIP calls?

I checked, and there is no Master.csv file in the /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/ folder, and the cdr table in the MySQL database has no data in it either.
I have made sure that the asterisk user can write to the log directory and has write access to the MySQL database.

Can someone give me some pointers?

I too am having issues with this. I checked cdr_mysql.conf and amportal.conf. I verified that the password and username is valid by running through mysql. Access permissions are setup correctly.

The problem was solved for me by installing Asterisk-Addons. It was only when someone said in another thread about add-ons having to be installed in CentOS rather than in FreePBX that it became clear to me.

Hope this may help you too.