[SOLVED] Auto Provisioning S500 with 2 different IP's (PBX's)

I finally was able to get Zero Touch Auto Provisioning working with my Sangoma S500. Woohoo. What a nice set up. Once I learned it, it was fantastic and works great.

Now my next challenge: I have 2 PBX’s. One for one company, and one for another. I want to set up the auto provision EPM to program Line key 1 to Ext 100 on PBX-A and Line key 2 to Ext 100 on a totallly different PBX-B. I see how to set up line keys, blf’s, speed dials, but I don’t see a way to auto provisoin two different proxies on one phone. After all, that is the whole point of having the ability to have multiple sip accounts on one phone.

Any ideas?

You can provision only from a single host. But you can use EPM to add custom extensions on other PBXs:


Thank you - I see how you create the custom extension. Now how do I map it? Do I have the nornmal ext for PBXA and the customer ext mapped to the same MAC? Wouldn’t the settings for one over ride the other? Not sure after I create the customer ext how to integrate it iton the mapped ext

It’s all in the wiki:

(solved) I read the directions :slight_smile:

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