[SOLVED] Add ip phones to extensions (Endpoint Manager)


As the tag says am totally new to PBX and asterisk in general.
However i’ve managed to install PIAF and create IAX2 extensions and make/receive calls from soft phone "ZOIPER"
But recently i would like to use my hard phone i.e: Snom300 for internal calls, but when i try to add SIP ext, i have no option to assign phone mac address so that it gets registered to the defined ext.
NOTE: am not planning to subscribe with any telecom providers at the moment, i only need internal calls.

Any tips?

You add MAC addresses and bind devices to extensions in the endpoint manager. Make sure you clear any local config from phone and set it to pull config from tftp

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Well thats the point that i cannot find the endpoint manager section nowhere.
UPDATE: i understand i need to install that module separately but not sure where to start as its not listed on admin modules

Thank you so much I’ve got it, gotcha under commercial modules SOLVED