[Solved] Active channel with no active calls problem

I have Follow Me setup on extension to external number (cell phone).
I noticed that every few days FM stops working and then Asterisk log shows hangup cause - all channels busy.

I also noticed, that when it stops working and there is no active calls:

  • “group show channels” shows 1 active channel
  • “core show channels” shows 0 active channels

Restarting Asterisk helps for a while but not for long. When working ok “group show channels” shows 0 active channels.

I suspect it might be a problem with hanging up calls but I am not sure.
Guidance needed what to check. This is bugging me for some time now :stuck_out_tongue:

Asterisk 16.13.0
using CHAN_SIP

This seemed to be a problem with Asterisk version. After updating Asterisk through “yum update” this problem does not occur any more.

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