[SOLVED] Activate mailbox without calling it


Is there a way to activate a voicemail mailbox without dialling into it via *98/*97?

(Working on a remote system that I can’t register to, they’ve sent me greetings but as the mailboxes are unactivated there is no directory structure yet. The /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/ directories only get created once a user has logged into the mailbox for the first time, and it becomes activated.)


Feel free to create them (and the sym link to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/device/) make sure the are owned by asterisk and add your busy.* greet.* and unavail.* files as appropriate, (just *.wav is good enough) other directories will be created as needed.

Thanks, dicko. That worked a treat.

But now just wondering about the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/device directory… When I do voicemail, most of the time it’s a Group/General delivery mailbox - that is, it’s not tied to any physical extension and I create it via a Virtual Extn in the GUI. When it’s on a virt extn, there is no symlink for it in voicemail/device, which makes sense.

Sometimes I want MWI on a bunch of handsets to check a group mailbox. To do this, under the Extensions I set the mailbox to 2500 (the virt extn) without the ‘device’ context. It works - but am I doing this wrong? Should I be manually making that symlink in voicemail/device, and changing the mailbox under the Extension to [email protected] instead? Would this also allow the user to dial *97 without being prompted for the mailbox ID?


You could try that, FreePBX since it was [email protected] has supported “device and user” mode, that is why the symlinks are generated. but comedian mail will go to whatever the vmail “context” of the extension is in on that channel, the symlink makes sure you get the same voice mail box. The symlink in general will “do no harm” and might save head scratching later.

Cool, thanks for the reply.