[SOLVED] 6.12.65 has Schmooze installation? ***UPDATE: Burn .img NOT .iso to USB***

I attempted to install 6.12.65, however it looks to be completely new with little to none documentation. I was able to install via USB. My first issue was the “kickstart was not located” but I was able to get around that. After the install, I login to root yet nothing stating freePBX or Asterisk appears on the terminal. I attempted to access the server via a browser from a computer on the lan yet connection times out. I was able to install freePBX and asterisk on an ubuntu server however I the browser “gui” did not have system admin as a selection. I read online that it was because I installed the software on an ubuntu server. Well I am now going to attempt to install 5.211.65 :\

“6.12.65” and “5.211.65” are distro versions NOT FreePBX versions.

Do you want to use Ubuntu or CentOS?

CentOS alongside asterisk, and FreePBX.

Oh! So I should install CentOS first. Then install the distro?

“If you have a stock Centos 6.3 or 6.4 system you can convert the machine to the Official FreePBX Distro by following these steps”

No. You can not do that. You started talking about Ubuntu half way through your original post.

If you can’t find the kickstart file then you won’t get anything to work the way you want it to.

What documentation are you looking for specifically?