[Solved] [2.9.0] [Debian Sqeeze] [Asterisk 1.6] Freepbx Installation breaks Asterisk

I use Debian Sqeeze, Asterisk 1.6 and Freepbx 2.9.0.

The moment I install FreePBX and restart amportal, Asterisk dies with Code 1. If I don’t restart it, it works well. When I rollback /etc/asterisk to the state before the installation, asterisk starts again.

Is this happening for someone else and do you know a way to fix this?

Why not CentOS and Asterisk 1.8:

The system I am building is a test system for functionality that requires ISDN. The only cards lying around are an AVM B1 and some A1s.
My first try for drivers was mISDN, as a lot of sites said it would work. But when I searched for hardware, it didnt detect anything. Also its not listed on the official sites supported hardware section so I guess they dropped support.

After this, I had to fall back to CAPI drivers which CentOS doesnt provide and which I couldn’t find to download. So I chose debian which still has them in its repo.
From this point, the chain of requirements started: chan-capi requires Asterisk < 1.8 and Freepbx 2.10.0 requires Asterisk > 1.6. Finally I ended up with this strange setup.

I could order new hardware, but this would take a week which is unprefered.

If you know any better way to do this, please tell me, as I dislike this setup myself.

Thank you for your help,

Is Asterisk going to support the CAPI drivers?

You need to provide some log info from Asterisk from when you start amportal. Turn the debug and verbosity up.

Here is the asterisk full log:

It needs some form of ISDN for testing as soon as possible. So currently the idea is for it to support capi until the tests complete. I don’t want to test capi, I want to test functionality which needs to connect to the current infrastructure.
The driver is not fixed on capi. It would just be nice to test it with the hardware we already have, as buying new hardware would take a week and waste some money.

The deployed state will also need ISDN support (~8 old devices + 30 slot E1), but without capi (currently thinking about berofix to become independent of Disti and Driver support).

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

ok, found it.
I started replacing files slowly while testing where it crashes. It turns out, that the freepbx modules.conf doesn’t have the lines
noload => app_voicemail_odbc.so
noload => app_voicemail_imap.so
which causes the crash.

So if you got the same problem, just save the /etc/asterisk/modules.conf you had before installation and merge it with the one you got from freepbx.