Solution to terminate silent/inactive calls on FreePBX

We want to terminate if they don’t have voice activity for some period of time

the only option i found is to use AMI RPC , it’s function TALK_DETECT and ChannelTalkingStop/ChannelTalkingStart events generated.

possible course of action is

  • -enable TALK_DETECT on the system so that all new channels will have it enabled
  • -periodically scan list of opened channels
  • -for every channel in both directions check if the last event for the channel is ChannelTalkingStop
  • -if the time passed from ChannelTalkingStop is >600/1200 seconds ( and there were no ChannelTalkingStop) , terminate the channel

Did anybody implement something similar ? Please help.

I am not seeing a lot of forum posts with TALK_DETECT here, but there are several in the Asterisk forum. You might find some consults there.

Not sure where in the call you want to implement this, but you might want to take a look at BackgroundDetect()


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