Solid State Hard Drive

I am planning to do some proactive maintenance of our 3+ year old asterisk/freepbx server.

The main thing I’m planning to do is to replace the hard drive. I am considering a solid state drive. like this one:

Any Ideas?


Bill, I dunno. Seems you could get two 80GB and mirror them for that price. Also, are you replacing a 3.5 inch drive ? If so would you not need a 3.5 to 2.5 cage adapter ?

Well, Actually, I was going to get 2 and mirror them. Yep, aware of the needed adapter.


Just keep in mind that you can only write the same sector of the drive a specific number of times before the sector becomes unwritable causing performance degradation and potential data loss. We had one of these drives in a Windows 2003 server with the drive chewing through 1%/week. Depending on how you use your system and expectations for long term stability and performance you may want to stay with a spinning platter.