Software or process recommendations

I am basically wanting to monitor all my extensions in these ways:

  1. If a device is registered to an extension
  2. If the extension is in use or set to do not disturb

So basically, if phone 1 is on ext 100 phone 2 is on ext 101 etc. etc., i want to monitor if the phone is registered to that extension. red if not green if so, for example. if registered, when the extension is in use it changes to another color or flashes.

Reason being, my employees have the option to use their cell phones when in the field, using a sip/voip app on their phone. I need to know if their “in the field extension” is in use or if they are in their office. The phones in the office have a log in log out feature that basically is like a power switch for the phone, when logged in they are registered to their extension with the hard phone, when logged out, its as if the phone is not registered to their extension. Same with the apps on their phone, they log in and out of the app, logs them in and out of their “follow me extension”.

I just need a way to monitor registration status, and BLF more or less for all of my extensions.

On what kind of phone system?

Asterisk and FreePBX

To extend the point:-

What kind of “Asterisk and FreePBX” ?

We are beyond pulling teeth, it’s like pulling a catheter out of John Holmes.

Asterisk (Ver. 11.5.1)

should have done it a while ago, but i put my versions as a sig…