Software for the analysis of queues and for outgoing phone calls


I have developed a software for the analysis of queues and for outgoing phone calls (reports, statistics, graphs, dashboards…) Is it possible to advertise it in the forum?


Thanks for asking. You can start a thread describing the project features, licensing and costs (if any). Providing info is fine.

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The software is developed in php \ mysql and uses cdr \ cel \ queue_log databases and runs on freepbx V15 (also remote CDR database - advanced settings in freepbx)

At the moment it is tested with about 1200 operators and 20 queues and about 35 million incoming calls and 75 million outgoing calls, with a data collection of several years for about 100 GB \ mysql, even if it is more oriented to work on databases less than about 10-20 Gb

There is a realtime dashboard for queued and outbound calls

Reports for answered, unanswered, lost calls on queues, for outgoing calls with subdivision by traffic director, all in relation to time (hour, day, day of the week, month, year, two-month, quarter, four-month, half-year … ), related graphics, the possibility to import the queue_log file, to divide the operators into groups (for example divided by office and by work performed) and geolocation of incoming calls for queues based on the prefix. Access based on login and possibility to set granular permissions on which data to have access, graphic customization, audit tables on accesses, ability to create customized reports from searches, or manuals with direct access to the tables (sql) and much more …

a sample screeshot

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