Softphones No Audio

When i use a softphone one of two issues occur, my softphone can not speak to the caller or sometimes no audio on both ends as well as the call hanging up with in 10 seconds.

No audio or one way audio is usually a NAT issue.

Is the softphone on the same LAN as an IP phone or other device that is working fine?

If so, please give details e.g. Zoiper 3.9 not working; Yealink T46P working ok. Also, please post all non-default softphone settings, except for passwords and other personal info.

If not, please explain why you feel this is a softphone related problem. Is the failing device on the same LAN as the PBX? If not, is the PBX on a cloud server?

Softphones started working after i posted this…
must of done something slightly wrong and it worked when i went over my CFGs with the networks

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