Softphone registers but Polycom ip335 won't

I am working on a hosted PBX for a client, I can register a softphone against their hosted Rackspace PBX (I don’t have control over this box, just SSH and web gui, its 3rd party hosted) It is the latest FreePBX version. I get the error [email protected] address wrong password. NAT is on on the extensions, it has a static IP, I tried opening ports in the firewall at the remote site where the phones are, I tried changing the registration to 55 seconds to keep the phone registered but they never register. For the polycom I am manually configuring them, I put in the extensions number for everything, display name, account, address. I use the secret on the extensions for the password and port 5060. I look at debugs and see it hitting the box. I’m not sure if it is trying to register with a private IP or why it won’t work. Since a softphone registers I think its a polycom issue. Any Ideas?