Softphone recommendations

Looking for recommendations for a softphone client that has at the dialpad pop up on top of the screen when a call is ringing and/or answered.

We have an external ACD system that rings a group of endpoints and the agents have to click 1 to complete the call when answering. They extra click of our current softphone client is causing headaches for users. Trying to eliminate some steps.

Sounds like automating might be better than showing dialpad. This would be “on call state” script for tSIP softphone, sending “1” when incoming call is answered (going into confirmed state):

local callState = GetCallState()
if callState == 6 then	-- CONFIRMED
	if IsCallIncoming() == 1 then	-- only for incoming

I’ve added extra 300 ms sleep as I’ve seen some problems with IVRs in the past.

Call can be answered with hotkey(s), auto answer, NOTIFY with Event: talk, Call-Info/Answer-After in INVITE, command line/protocol handler and probably few other methods.

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