Softphone recommendation?

Hello, all

We’re an XP shop about to transition from Cisco Call Manager/UNITY to Asterisk/FreePBX (thanks in no small part to help from this group). We use Windows roaming profiles on user workstations so that no matter where one logs in one’s home directory, email etc. are available. We’ve played with the X-lite softphone, and the configuration for this program is machine-specific. Does anyone know of a softphone that stores configuration data in the registry? We’d love for people to log in to any computer and find their phone had followed them.


David Mitchell

Why not just create the (or modify a existing) login/logout scripts to move the required files on to and off the local machine specific folders to a transport folder in each users home directory where they store there data.

A softclient that stores its configuration in their home directory would be just as good, yes?

True, but more unlikely to be found. The best bet would be to find one that you and your users like and make a routine to move what you need.

It sounds like this is the guts of what you’re looking for:

You would just need to make it work with a softphone client.