Softphone only... is this wise? And best windows softphone for FreePBX?

I have been requested by a client to provision a VOIP system for them. This is a mid-sized office, about 10 people. They have indicated that they don’t want desk phones, only softphones and headsets… but at the same time they aren’t concerned whether the softphones (which would be installed on laptops) actually operate when they are out of the office.

I’ve never had a request for anything like this before so I’m not really sure what my opinion is… does anyone have any thoughts? Is this a wise choice… talking points for and against? My gut feeling is deskphone and softphone configured to ring together is better (or even registered as same extension under latest Asterisk… does FreePBX even support this yet?) without having a physical phone on the desk it just feels to me as if there’s something missing.

That said, any opinions also appreciated on which softphone would be best recommended on the Windows platform.


You have a very small sized office request there, it would work even on a Raspberry Pi. If they aren’t concerned, then nor should you be, just let voice-mail handle the absent extension scenario.

You can use X-lite free version…

I’m using X-Lite free version. On Windows 8 crashes once in a while. Sometimes the headset is a critical factor and is hard to get a good one. Ideally get a USB headset, from testing has better sound quality.

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As long as the client understands the ramifications of not having dedicated telephone instruments it’s really not your problem. I’d certainly make sure that the client understands this even to the point of having them sign a waiver explaining the pitfalls. Just CYA.