Softphone Chat

I am using X-lite with for my softphones. I can make and receive calls no problems, and I can see presence information, however I cannot chat. I am not getting any errors, it sends the IM but the person never receives it. Is there something that needs to be configured on Asterisk/Free PBX for this to work?


check port 5190 is open on your firewall.

Port 5190? What service uses that?

i got mixed up with AOL messenger. try 6665–6669

I tried putting it in the DMZ just to test this and still doesnt work. I tried 4 different softphones and none of them would chat. Its like something in Asterisk/Free PBX isnt set to allow chat? Not sure

You have to have a chat server, this is not a FreePBX function. If you are handy with Linux you can run Jabber on the the same box.

OKay, that makes sense, it would just be 100% independent of the phone system. X-lite does not let you specify and SIP server and a CHAT server, its assuming that you have the capabilities on your PBX. There must be some sort of add-on module, but I haven’t found one.

It’s not an add on module. x-lite is really old so I am not sure what type of chat service it expects.

The newer Bria based clients support jabber. Jabber is another project so you just have to follow how to install Jabber on CentOS

Evidently chat can be done using Asterisk 10 or higher, however I am a little hesitant about upgrading. CAN you up grade Asterisk with FreePBX installed? I was going to try this, since he verified it with X-Lite (newer version) but it requires Asterisk 10 or higher

With the latest stable and beta builds of the FreePBX Distro you can change your Asterisk Version on the Fly, see this wiki thread for more information.

Yeah that would be nice…but I am on FreePBX 2.9 I think so unfortunately I don’t have that option. I may just have to download the latest distro and rebuild