Softphone CallerID number paste Windows clipboard

I have a FreePBX client who is need of what I thought was something easy but maybe not.

They simply need a softphone type of app to do nothing but register to the FreePBX server and copy the inbound callerid number to the Windows clipboard.

Anyone have any ideas possibly to accomplish this?

Check phonerlite

Thanks for the reply. I will report back of any progress I make.

tSIP, “on call state” script:

local callState = GetCallState()
if callState == 1 then	-- INCOMING
	local peer = GetCallPeer()
	print(string.format("Setting clipboard to %s\n", peer))

Personally I would prefer having SetClipboardText(GetCallPeer()) one line script assigned to some button and then global hotkey assigned to this button. Automatic overwriting of clipboard might be very annoying, even if this would be two calls in a row and not some valuable document part.

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