Softphone apps. No audio on mobile. Only works on WiFi

Having some issues troubleshooting for a client of mine. I have all his staff set up with bria mobile softphone apps. They were all working for quite awhile but an issue came up. My clients are only getting audio when connected to Wifi. As soon as they are connected to there mobile data there is no more audio when making phone calls. There apps always show connected and registered and the calls always connect but theres just no audio when one mobile data.

You mean “when their phone is on the local network”.

You mean “when their phone is out in the Internet, connecting through the firewall, and no longer on a local network.”

You are experiencing NAT-based one-way audio. There are lots of ways to alleviate the problem. A Google search for “NAT one-way audio” will give your literally thousands of possible answers.

No… When connecting via an external LAN such as my home network (not affiliated with the network freepbx is hosted on) it works fine. I’m getting two way audio loss when making calls via mobile data only. If I connect to any WAN is works…when connected to mobile data I get two way audio loss… I’ve delt with NAT one-way audio before… this isn’t it.

Sounds like it’s time for some DEBUG output. I’m no expert on troubleshooting RTP failures, but I know @Stewart1 has some experience. Maybe he can weigh in.

Until he does, tell us a little more about your network and server. Firewall information would also come in really handy.

A lot of cell carriers do DPI on their networks and deny/mess with sip/sdp, try iax2

Have you tried using TLS? Bria needs this for push notifications anyways at least on some bria versions.

I agree with @dicko and @partgenius. TLS is a good potential solution for the mobile issues and not a bad idea in general (along with SRTP) to secure your calls. I have also found some home internet providers doing the same…sometimes it isn’t even DPI, but just a block on port 5060 (AT&T in the US is famous for this). I use 65060 by default in my deployments to get around any ISP port restrictions.

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