Softkey extension (colleague) status + forward/intercom


short question. is there a way to have a asterisk behaviour with (graphical) softkeys as in the following pic?

The pic is from a youtube commercial for my phone aastra 6739i.

As of my old isdn phones, I want to have a button to simply forward a call to an extension. If not in a call, I want to intercom that extension. both no problem.

But i want to display if the extension is on a call at the moment.

Even on my old phone, when ringing another extension, you could take up the call by simply pressing the flashing extension lineā€¦


Yes, of course you can program BLF keys. You did not mention anything about your phone server. You need to tell us all the specifics.

How was it installed (distro or manually) if a distro, which one?

Need Asterisk and FreePBX versions.

Are you deploying the aastra xml scripts and applications?

What firmware on phone?



newly installed with freepbx distro, aastra xml scripts running.

phone firmware: newest, 3.2.2044

Once the XML scripts generate the macaddy.cfg file simply update the softkey settings for blf+xfer for each extension you want to monitor.

Files are in /tftpboot


softkey2 type: speeddialxfer
softkey2 label: Richard Cranium
softkey2 value: 100
softkey2 line: 1