Soft Key Options

I am trying to setup an Aastra 480i phone to test with. I was able to pull the configuration file to the phone, so it now shows the correct date/time, as well as the user name and the extension. However, I do not have any other options available on the main page, or when on a call, I do not have the option to transfer or conference. I am unsure how to add these options into the configuration. I am using FreePBX Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using the endpoint manager? If not why?

I am attempting to use the OSS Endpoint Manager. There is a custom template that was created when the phone registered, however I am not able to get any of the soft key options to load. It’s possible that I am missing something. If there is any documentation that I could read on this I gladly would, but have not had any luck finding any.

I also have another issue that I have run into. I have the server located in a different office. I am testing from my office, and while I have the 480i connected and working, minus the soft keys; I have an Aastra 6757i CT that I have connected as well. The issue that I am having with the 6757i CT, is that while it will pull the config from the server, I am getting “No Service” on my phone. I have connected the phone while watching Asterisk, and it never becomes available. I have turned NAT to yes in the Extension -> Device Options, but still getting no service, is there a difference between these 2 phones that would prevent the 6757i from connecting? I have also been able to connect a softphone on my iPhone to the extension that was setup for the 6757.

You should create a VPN back to the remote server.

Unfortunately a VPN connection will not work for this deployment, which is why I need to get this phone working by just pointing to the external IP of the server. I am also still having issues with the config files if you have any more suggestions on those.