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Customer asked if the Call Center functionality has Facebook Integration, what that means exactly I do not know I presume notice of some kind that a comment has come in and needs attention (possibly) has anyone else come across customers requesting Social Media Integration with their Call Center Management functionality and is there any plans for Free PBX to provide any such functionality?

@jfinstrom wrote a Twitter DM monitor thing that I modified to generate calls during “business” hours years and years ago. I don’t even know if the code is still even around, but if sounds like something like a start to what you’re looking for.

the code is still around and on my github but is wayyyyyyyyy out of date. Things have gotten way better over the years. These days I am much more intimately familiar with API’s OAUTH and Other things so anything I would write today wouldn’t even resemble that mess from like 10 years ago.

on topic you would have to get way more details on what he actually needs. There is no social media integration planned mainly because I can’t think of any use case. The “tweet to call” thing I did was more of a toy than anything I considered to be a valid use. There also was a "Yo app where you Yo and it would call you. some other just stupid stuff that made no sense but was fun as a novelty.

I would be interested to hear how many users of Twitter or Facebook et al, ever actually make a “phone call”, in my experience only to banks, and other mainline agencies, maybe their parents :wink: …


I have a very close friend who works for these guys, you probably wouldn’t be surprised by how they do their “mining” and social engineering :wink:

Thanks, very helpful, thought it might be some secret I was not aware of, Google shows nothing. might go back and see what they are actually doing with their supposed integration with the other systems…

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Most probably there is nothing to do with calls. Mostly CONTACT CENTRE customers like Facebook posts distributed (like other offline contacts) to their agents, so they can rapidly reply and handle the post.