So you have a problem and want help?

You probably just posted a question (or are planning on posting one) on the forum and are looking for a kind person to give you a hand solving your issue… But before you do consider this.

when you state you have a problem think like a technical person please. How would you answer this question if somebody you didn’t know asked you the same question? Do you have enough information to work with to start?

60% of all questions posted here are missing the all important details at the start, so most times the first reply they get is to give more information…

What kind of information is needed?

We will want to know the versions of everthing…
FreePBX, asterisk don’t answer the latest as that is not good if somebody 6 months from now reads this trying to fix the same issue.
is your system one that you made from a disto build? if so who’s and version you used/upgraded to.
Not a distro build then it’s a hand built system. We’ll need to know who’s OS, what version, who’s directions did you use to build it (URL please), did you follow them to the letter, if not, why not, and what didn’t you do if any thing? Also very important did you install anything extra? some times when you add something extra to a install it might ahve changed a default you didn’t know about and that can cause huge hidden issues.

The reason we ask for all of this information is it helps determine if you are really using the latest current version (updates could have come out at 3am and either you or your helper didn’t know) or maybe you are bringing up a old issue that might have already been addressed in a later version.

With hand built systems it is very, very common to have permissions issues if the directions are not followed to the letter or did you do something different then expected like didn’t make Apache run as the asterisk user for example.

Some distro’s these days don’t provide the same versions that are available directly off this site (and at the same time not make that clear to the installer either). Some distro’s have gone so far as to have “forked” things (thus screwing things up for their own purposes) changing all kinds of things like version numbers, mirror sites, not including all the modules you’d expect if you used a real copy from FreePBX. Some distro’s will pre-install certain modules while others will not.

So please remember that when you asking for help to provide the details needed at the start, that way you can get your problem addressed quicker then without the details and the next thing we do is ask for them.

Wow bmoyce did you read any of this thread or simply hijack it with your question.

Suggest before posting again you google for the many articles on linking Asterisk/FreePBX based systems.

I currently have 2 Asterisk servers one in California and one in Washington.
AsteriskNOW 1.5

My question is or if I could be pointed in the direction.
How do I set them up to work together?

Thank you


Feel free to use anything you’d like from my “dentists” post over at the trixbox forums if you think you can make use it. Last I saw it was stickied in the “help” forum.

I remember that post, for those interested look here Yes many have a dislike for trixbox but that post covers it very nicely.

My favorite issue is people who bump there own posts. Normally the reason they don’t get answers are because of one of two reasons:

  1. The question is so open ended, or lacking details nobody wants to touch it or a 2 second search using google will find the answer.
  2. You have a very small nitch question and it will take time for somebody in the know to see and respond to it.

And if, despite the above advice, in one of the replies you get someone asking you a specific question (or making an assumption - the implied question is, “Is this assumption correct?”), ANSWER THE QUESTION. Don’t go off onto a tangent about a dozen other things and then forget to answer the question, or give a vague or ambiguous answer to the question. If you don’t know the answer (or don’t know how to obtain the answer) then at least reply and state that. If you don’t think the question is relevant then say why you think it isn’t - the person who asked the question may choose not to help you anymore, but others might (particularly if the question truly wasn’t relevant).

Usually when someone asks a question they are trying to narrow down the possible causes for your issue, or maybe explore your options for fixing the problem. It makes it a lot harder when you don’t answer the question, and the “helpers” tend to wander away to other threads, to help people who will answer the questions posed.

Having said that, that does NOT mean you are obligated to try every piece of advice you are given. It is YOUR system, after all, and if something doesn’t “smell right” about a piece of advice, it might not be. Not everyone who attempts to answer questions in these forums is an expert, and some people give out good advice while others freely dispense very questionable advice (as in, it might solve the problem for the moment, but cause other problems later on) - and none of us are experts on everything!

i used to work in a support office and i hated those “my computers not working please call” requests where all that was wrong was their e-mail wouldn’t open!!!
thanks for the post, i hope i was detailed enough in my help post!

I installed asterisknow 1.5 which has centos 5.3 final version. I setup two extensions on the server. On another system I installed x-lite and gave it the username and secret of one of the stations. When I dial the other extension, it takes a while with the message that it is calling and then it comes back with message to try later. How should I resolve this problem, Iam new to this asterisk staff. Your help will be appreciated.


Please re-read the above postings. Like the one directly above yours.

after I installed freepbx 2.5.1, all module in web interface were gone after reboot the server. I use asterisk, CentOS 5.2 and freepbx 2.5.1

Please help me to solve it…

You couldn’t make it up


So you could not read either? Please go to the top and re-read the whole thread.

I am very new to Asterisk. I have downloaded Astersiknow-1.5.0 ISO and set it up in a system. I have added two extensions and tested with x-lite. It is working well. The problem i am facing is , in the FreePBX admin menu, i can’t see the options like IVR, Follow me, Conference , Call Back etc. How this could be enabled. Any help will be greatly appretiated

Did you even read any of the messages above?

Do not hijack a thread about one thing with another it is the fastest way to NOT get any help.

Really Sorry Mr. Fskrotzki,

I got resolved the issue with the help of Module Admin

Hello All
Please i need your help
i want to initiate a session through my small network ( 1 linux + 2 LAptops with soft phones )
so i add 2 extensions but it not worked
can you tell me how to configure the SIP protocol
the follwing errors i had in the main page of free PBX :

retrieve_conf failed, config not appliedReload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 1
Added 2 days, 16 hours, 36 minutes ago

and :
Asterisk Manager Connection FailureFailed to connect to the Asterisk manager through port: 5038
Added 2 days, 16 hours, 36 minutes ago

Sami - You have to be kidding? You did not read a single entry in this post before hijacking this thread?

I am dumbfounded did you scroll to the bottom and ignore all the instructions on how to ask for help?

This is a sure way to get ignored.

this is not a nice way to reply
when some one needs help
he has the execuse to put his comment whereever he wants
because he needs help

Any way thank you for your help !!!

This entire thread is about how to ask for help and where to ask for it.

There is no “excuse” for putting your question where it does not belong and not providing the information requested. It is, as pointed out earlier in this thread rude.

If you post with the information requested in a new thread someone will help you. As is stands posting in the wrong thread with insufficient information will get you no assistance.