So tired…How do I assign uploaded .wav for extension VM message?

I have a *280 status change, but in the end both states end up in one mailbox (x100).

I have uploaded both day and night VM messages onto the system, and now would like to assign them to x100 VM message, and would like to have them change based on the day/night setting (one says “Sorry we missed the call, call you soon” and the other says “We’re closed, call you tomorrow”).

  1. How do I set a mailbox VM to use a pre-recorded message in the first place?
  2. How do I set it to change based on Day/Night? (do I need to set this to go to another mailbox instead?)

You will want to create a Time Group with the time period you are closed, then create a Time Condition with a match pointing to an announcement that plays your “We are closed message” then terminates the call. And in the does not match option you will have it route to an Announcement that plays your “leave me a message” recording, then routes either to a voicemail blast group that includes ext. 100, or to the target Destination “Voicemail” | <100> (no-msg) so that they don’t hear another greeting, just a beep.

Edit… You can have both announcements route to the same vm (no-msg) option if you are leaving them the option to leave you vm in the middle of the night.