Snom Show CID on Display the when a BLF-LED is blinking


we’re using the BLF Keys to visualize another extensions is ringing. That works great.
But we would like to have the CID visualized on the display.

it would be nice to get an hint, if this is can be realized.

thanks a lot


That would be a phone feature, not all phones support it. The Sangoma S series phones can do this, and it’s configurable in EPM.

what feature is it ?
how is it called ?
What keywords can i search for it ?

You look at the Snom documents for their BLF configuration settings. That will tell you what the phones supports for BLF features/functions. Some phones can have a BLF that does numerous functions, some can have the CallerID splash in a small screen popup or a full screen popup to show the call and offer options on what to do (Pickup, etc).

However, it will most like require you to use the Basefile Edit option of the EPM (if you’re using EPM) as the EPM is rather limited on managing these types of features for non-Sangoma phones.

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