Snom internal & external ringtone change

Hi There,

so were using Snom 821’s with Freepbx and ive been tasked to provide a solution with internal and external ring tones, i’ve modified the XML for ringer alert-text external/internal but unfortunately no joy. There are options showing “VIP, Work,Family” etc within the phones themselves but unsure on how to configure and mass provision these settings so different ringers alert the users to where the call is coming from.

Any ideas would be great - Thanks

And now you need to tell the PBX which ringer to use.The phone doesn’t have a concept of “external” or “internal” calls. It just accept calls.The easiest way is just go into Inbound Routes and update the inbound routes to use the “External” ring tone you’d like to use for those types of calls.

Keep in mind that the Alert Info field needs the exact Alert Info syntax for the Snom’s. So you’ll need to look at the docs to see what syntax to use for the Alert Info header.

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