Snom FW Caller ID display

We recently updated our Snom870 phones to FW through the CEPM and using the FreePBX provided binaries. The behaviour of the phones has significantly changed in that the Caller ID is no longer displayed in the main portion of the LCD. Rather it is displayed in the top field of a much reduced rightmost ‘Info’ column. This text is so reduced in size and abbreviated in length as to be indecipherable and of no practical use.

Does anyone know of some configuration setting that would cause an incoming call to clear the BLF virtual keys for the ring-group and display the caller id on the main display instead?

The most frustrating thing about this change in behaviour is that AFTER the call is answered anywhere THEN the caller ID shows up full size in the main display for the entire ring-group. We would prefer to have the CID display BEFORE it is answered and to disappear once the call has been picked up.