Snom function keys indexed incorrectly

Function keys for at least the Snom 720/760 start at 1, and they should begin at 0. How can I change this? Also, will there be support for the Snom Vision?

I’m having problems with functions keys on the snom 370. They start at 1, which is fine, but only go to 11 when there should be 12. I also can’t get function keys on an expansion module to work at all. Finally the blf assignment to a key doesn’t work correctly, the template adds in extra characters that prevent it from working.

Any ideas on this? I’d really like to avoid having to manually configure a big stack of phones… Which is why I bought the endpoint manager in the first place :wink:

The only issue I seem to be left with is the incorrectly indexed buttons (showing 11 rather than 12) on the snom 370 and the expansion button unit assignments don’t work at all.

Let me know if I can provide any useful diagnostic info (will do my best anyway).


We just did a new release today and never saw this tell now. As I have stated in lots of thread before. Please open a bug ticket on bugs like this. We just dont have the time to scour forums for bug reports.

As far as the vision. We dont have plans for that at this time as its a weird device to configure. Mainly because it has to link to the IP address of a phone which can change at anytime. It should really link to a MAC not a IP so until SNOM changes this not sure we will be adding it.

The newest release addressed the index issue, however I did not notice that I had the 3xx models set to 11 buttons. I have changed that and will roll a new version Friday afternoon.

As for the Vision, as Tony stated, it links to an IP, which can change to easily, so it is not feasible at this time.

Mattseymour: What expansion module are you using? I have a V.2 on a 370 and the keys work fine, with the exception of directed call pickup, which is now fixed and will be released Friday.

Hi Luke, it’s a version 2 expansion I’m using. I’ve tried with the latest non-beta firmware and the recommended firmware, done factory reset and numerous reboots. I’ll have to double check I haven’t done something foolish tomorrow, as there are two different templates for phones in different parts of the building, but I think everything’s assigned correctly. The buttons on the expansion just don’t get configured for some reason.

Also verify in extension mapping, under advanced for the extension, that you have an expansion module selected.

I’m embarrassed now.

That was it.

So it’s just the issue of the incorrect number of buttons made available.


Im using version (wich is the latest right?) and the 11 buttons bug is still there using my snom 370 phones.

If I dont use any expansion module, the 12 button on the phone work as it should. But with a expansion module added, button 12 on the phone get the value that should be on button 1 on expansion module.

Im using expension module ver. 2.0

Also since key 1 on the expansion get wrong value, all keys on that expansion get wrong value.

That’s interesting. I’m seeing all 12 buttons on the templates for my snom 370 and the expansion buttons seem to be working fine as well.

So is their a problem or not? 1 person says no problem 1 says their i.

Ah… no I stand corrected… Just rebooted everything and I see exactly the same behaviour.

Phones with no expansion are fine. Those with expansion get the expansion button 1 on Phone button 12. What should be on phone button 12 disappears altogether.

So to clarify Tony, as my reply got out of order, yes there is a problem.

Ok well see if we can get to it in the next couple days.

… and key nr 42 doesnt exist on the config page.

This should be resolved in version