Snom 821

Is there a trick to getting the SNOM821 phones working with FreePBX? I am using the web interface to configure an Identity and am having a problem completing outbound calls.

I can -
Register the Extension (everytime)
Dial Ext to Ext (Sometimes)
Receive Calls (everytime)

I cannot -
Place an outbound call, I get a ‘Network Failure’ message everytime.

Is there a magic setting somewhere that I am not aware of? Any help is appreciated…

Nevermind, I took one of the phones off the customers network and put it on our network and it works fine. Gotta be a network problem.

Make sure you turn encrypted voice off in RTP settings. The SNOM’s have a bug with Asterisk 1.8 and above that even if TLS isn’t enabled they still try and negotiate secure media.