SNOM 821 set up with asterisk/freepbx

I cant find any good info online as to how to set up asterisk with the snom 821 deskphones i have. Im new to astrisk and freepbx so i just ask for patients with me please.

The simplest answer:

  1. Grab an old PC with a network card, at least 4GB and a 250G hard drive.
  2. Install the FreePBX ISO.
  3. Open the software through the web browser.
  4. Buy the Sysadmin Pro and EPM modules.
  5. Set up the phone in EPM.

You’ll probably want a SIP account too so you can make calls to the outside world. There’s a SipStation module that makes that easy too.

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I am using a dell optiplex 3050 for this project 8GB ram and 250 SSD. Should I just load freepbx and disregard asterisk? Also I see that Sysadmin Pro and EPM modules both are about $200 is that sound right?

Installing the FreePBX distribution will include the underlying Linux operating system, Asterisk, nd all kinds of other utilities to give you a running system. It’s the best way to use FreePBX.

I will do that. Thank you very much for your response. If im to use a sip station do you recommend any providers?

Your choice and use of SIPStation, because it’s a Sangoma product, directly benefits FreePBX and Asterisk. It puts money in the company’s coffers, which, among other things, gets spent on FreePBX and Asterisk development.

Okay I will definitely use them then. Thank you again. Im self teaching myself on everything and its refreshing to get help from people that know this stuff

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If you create an account in the Sangoma Portal at and click on the university tab you can go through the PBXact Essentials training for free which will help you get a full system up and running.

I purchased what you suggested above and and it updated on my server but im confused as to what to do now. When i go to the System admin tab in the GUI it just says licence activated. I dont see any other option.

I noticed for some reason i cant sign into my account on my other laptop. When i type my credentials and press enter the page just goes blank. I tired to clear the history and another browser and nothing.

Where? The PBX, Sangoma portal?

For this form. I had to created another account just to get back on. I have no access to the other account for some reason.

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