Snom 821 page group not working

Greetings Community,
I’m new to FreePBX/Asterisk and will have a few slightly more technical challenges to query later.

I’ve set up FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi for my home system. This is more of an exercise for me to become familiar with this technology as well as ongoing technical hobbies.

My system currently consists of:
4 x Snom 821
Various mobile devices running Sipnetic softphone app (which I really like)
X-Lite softphone running on MacBook Pro
3 x Crestron TSW-752 touchpanels with built-in SIP/Rava (integrated into my Crestron automation system)
1 x Linksys SPA3102 trunk (not currently working - I think I have a duff unit but will cover this in a separate post)

I have set this all up and I’ve found it pretty straightforward. All phones work and the system performs really well with one exception - I cannot get the Snom’s to dial a page group reliably. All other devices on the system work flawlessly.

The symptom:

  • Dial page group (3012)
  • Snom shows ‘Calling 3012’ but no ring tone
  • After about a minute the Snom indicates ‘Network Failure 3012’
  • FreePBX logs show no activity at all, like the request never even gets to FreePBX
  • Dialling all other extensions work as expected.

If I reboot the Snom’s one of them will dial the ring group once and fail on all subsequent attempts.
The other 3 Snom’s will never dial.

This is looking like an issue with the Snom’s to me, does anyone have any suggestions how I may rectify this?

Many thanks


Watch the Asterisk console during a dial attempt. If you see literally nothing, then it’s a phone config issue, and the fist thing to look for is the phone dialplan (or digitmap) which determines what strings the phone is allowed to dial.

Thanks Igaetz,

No I see absolutely nothing in the logs (full mode)
Are you referring to FreePBX dialplan or in the Snom settings?


Sounds like Snom settings to me, I can’t think of what else might cause this.

Right, I seem to have found a fix although it does not make a whole lot of sense.
I had setup a speed-dial key (F4) with the full address: ‘sip:[email protected]:5060’ in the Snom’s (just like all the other speed-dial keys)

Replacing the full address simply with ‘3012’ and it now works. No idea why this should also break simply dialling the digits 3 0 1 2 but it does.

Only caveat of note though is that while all the other softphones and touchpanels dial immediately the Snom’s take a few seconds to ring the paging group.

Also of note is that if I hit the speed-dial key and immediately hang up, the extension I’m calling from momentarily dials itself. I can live with that one.


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