Snom 320 - VoiceMail Button

Hi Guys,

In relation to this:

I do the change, but it seems to dial asterisk and then I get asterisk : declined.

Can someone tell me, how to modify the phone to pick voicemail when there is a message waiting?

If there are no messages, then it works fine!

*97 in the phones web setup for voicemail extension. that works for me.

Edit sip_custom.conf in /etc/asterisk and add vmexten= xxxx ( being whatever you have Dial Voicemail set to in Feature codes )

When the MWI notice is sent to the phone it will contain the correct extension you need for direct access to VM.

I should ellaborate further … when the MWI is flashing on the snom … if you try to use the soft key marked “VMail” it will try and dial “asterisk” and if you have not set vmexten=xxx ( extension you have set to dial My Voicemail ) you will get declined.

Of course you can forget about the Soft key option and just reprogram the “Retrieve” key via the phone’s web interface and set it to “Speed Dial” whatever your Dial My Voicemail extension is in Feature Codes. I think that explains it better.

It should be in 2.4 (just went beta), it will not be addressed in earlier release but you can just redefine the vm key as a speed dial as indicated above or put in the config manually.

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