SNMP Active Calls Incorrect?

Running Incredible PBX So yesterday I was trimming down the asteriskcdrdb due to running into available storage constraints. While doing so, my PRTG monitoring app alarmed due to concurrent calls spiking through the roof. This sensor queries the astConfigCallsActive.0 ( OID every 30 seconds. The most concurrent calls we’ve had over the past year’s time is 12. This sensor was hitting back with 20-28 calls during a usually quieter time of the morning.

Pulling the CDR reports from around this timeframe, overlaying the calls I only see 6 calls being engaged concurrently. So I’m thinking that while the mySQL table clearing was consuming a lot of resources the SNMP data might have been skewed. I’ve never run into any anomalies like this before in this regard. Plus it would teach me to perform the maintenance off-hours I imagine!

This is definitely a mystery. Does it do this everyday? Or was this a one time glitch?

Definitely a one-time glitch! I wish I had thought to look at the SIP channels using the CLI when it was going on. But back-tracking the CDR’s there were maybe a half dozen concurrent calls. I figure when there were like a million rows on the CEL table being truncated that maxing out the CPU and whatnot probably forced the red herring.

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