SNG7 WebRTC UCP Phone in Chrome on Android

I have SNG7 with all current updates. UCP phone works great in Chrome on Windows 10. (Though I had to turn on “Internet” for WebRTC in firewall.)

UCP looks great on my Galaxy S8, and the phone turns green in Chrome on Android. However, clicking/tapping it just highlights the icon and the phone dialpad does not open. Sip show peers shows the extension 9916129 registered (along with my test ext is 16129). No error messages anywhere I can find.

Has anyone got the phone working on Android? (Zoiper works fine, but it straight up SIP.)

Jerry can you try something like this…

Alternatively you could try Zulu mobile for android

Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

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Zulu for android is still in bets. Im using it with OnePlus 6T and there are 2 issues with it now.

  1. If the app rings and you accidentally hit the back button instead of answering, there is no way to answer the call and your phones just rings until the it goes to voice mail.

  2. Once the android screen locks the app wont run in the background and disconnects with server and you’ll never receive calls.

I really like how the Zulu works on all devices and cant wait for android app to be stable.

Hey, Chris. Good to hear from you too! (Support hears from me constantly. :laughing:)
Looks like remote-debugging tools will get me console on Android UCP phone. That will at least get me to the next step.


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