SNG7-FPBX-64bits-1910-2.iso (STUCK BOOT)

Hi gurus,
I NEED to reinstall my server because of hackers.
So i download the lastest FPBX iso but the boot is stuck at :
Starting Terminate Plymouth Boot screen

What’s wrong with this iso?

Should i boot it in “fully automatic” instead of Graphical ??
Should i edit option like “nomodeset” ?
I wan’t to install it on a server.

@Croissantisokay if you are not creating the custom disk partition then you can try with “fully automatic” installation.

Now i’m stuck at the very beginning :

probing edd (edd=off to disable)…

should i try with tab => edit => edd=off ?

I cant install this iso.

Every time i change something there an other problem.

Now 10.13.66-32bits stuck at the blue screen.

Do every freepbx iso are like this?

Hi @Croissantisokay can you please provide some screen shots so we can see a full picture.
Also provide your HW type.

The fact that multiple ISOs are failing may indicate something wrong with HW.
You could try installing default centos ISO just for sanity sake.

Hi @ncorbic


and an installation try is in progress. i will send you a screen when i’m stuck

I don’t know i got some random stuck…

one time it stuck at “Starting login service”
sometime “Starting terminate plymouth boot screen”
and now “Started Hardware RNG entropy gatherer daemon”

any ideas??

Now it’s hang there… i dont know what to do.

And if i try to install the older version i get this but no more…

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